This cycle had its inception at the Coptic monastery St. Anthony in Egypt, during the filming of the documentary series ‘Quest for Sanctity’ (where I was the Executive Producer of the Series produced for Croatian Television). The monastery was erected in the fourth century, and was the very first Christian monastery in history. The simple architecture of the monastery built of mud inspired the cycle of paintings wherein the complex composition of architecture is reduced to simplified shapes focused on the sharp contrast of light and shadow. Back home, on the island of Zverinac where I stem from, I found similar images in a different context, in the ruins of ‘The Landlord’s House’, the oldest house on the Island, which is an example of a simple country estate from the eighteenth century, built by Count Fanfogna (on the land he was awarded for his services in the war between the Venetian Republic and Ottoman Empire). I decided to reinterpret the vault of the House that I found magical in my childhood, on account of its threatening ceiling beams.