"Darja Radović Mahečić notes the significance of the blue colour in Branka Ridicki's paintings, describing it as “the blue vault of imagination that symbolizes a journey"."

Iva Koerbler, 2016


After spending years living in exciting, colourful metropolises of Asia, Africa and North America, I moved back to my home country, Croatia. Here, my family and I settled among the rolling, peaceful hills of rural Croatia. Enjoying the rewarding beauty of its nature and rich, diverse flora and fauna, we live on an old farmstead where we are creating our new chapter. With the help of my husband and our daughters, the old barn has been transformed into my new art studio.

Surrounded by nature and with my mind focused on the present, I create. I now take inspiration from a charming, rustic life in the countryside. My surroundings afford me a daily meditative approach to my work.

However, I continue to draw on my many travels for the subjects of my paintings, creating a duality within my work. I aim to address and question issues like time and space. As part of my study of the concept of space, I focus on symbolic elements in my paintings that represent fragments of urban architecture.

I believe that art can change the world, that it can help us learn from our past, finding wisdom that is still applicable to us today.