Branka Ridick deals with the intersection of the concepts of space, time, history, literature and architecture. She is interested in issues related to the meaning of iconography and the use of text and language as a diaristic and poetic tool. She relies on symbolic elements in her work, which can be attributed to fragments of urban architecture as part of her questioning of the concept of space. Such problematization was intensified in the context of multicultural experiences, during her relocations to New York, Cairo, Colombo and Delhi. In recent works, due to the awareness that nature needs to be protected and preserved, she turns to the observation of cyclical changes in nature and the inner experience of nature. She works mostly in paintings, but she combines as well video and spatial installations with painting. She has likewise worked as an independent documentary film producer since 1991.

Branka Ridicki was born in Zadar, Croatia in 1966. She completed her BA and MA in History of Art and Italian Literature and Language at the University of Zagreb. She represented the Republic of Croatia at the 10th International Biennial in Cairo, 2007. She exhibits on the Croatian and international scene, including galleries, museum and events such as the Museum of Ancient Glass, Zadar; Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum, Cairo; Town Gallery Fonticus, Grožnjan/Grisignana;  Vladimir Filakovac Gallery, Zagreb; Alliance Française de Split Gallery, Split; Captain's Tower Gallery, Zadar; Višeslav Gallery, Baroque House, Nin; JDA Perera Gallery, Colombo; Saskia Fernando Gallery, Colombo; Rovinj City Museum - Rovigno, Rovinj; Branislav Dešković Museum, Bol; Hvar Heritage Museum, Hvar; National Museum, City Lodge Gallery, Zadar; Art Zagreb, Technical Museum, Zagreb; Mediterranean Biennale, Trogir City Museum, Trogir; Alexandria Atelier, Alexandria; United Nations Headquarters, New York. She has participated in residencies and thematic projects in Croatia, Egypt, Sri Lanka, USA, Northern Ireland, Greece, France, Thailand.
She is a member of the Croatian Society of Fine Artists Zagreb, Zadar and Split and of Croatian Union of Artists HZSU.

She is a founder of Three Little Birds Art Studio Artist Residency Program.

She lives and works in Janja Gora where she runs Three Little Birds Art Studio.


"Recalling memories of places from her childhood, Branka Ridicki travels through her own imaginary cities, from those already experienced, to those yet to come. She walks down cobbled streets, reviving an ancient town and shaping an innovative structure for additional formulation. Thus embraced cities exist in her thoughts, colored by the light of the Mediterranean, washed in the atmosphere of the permanent and the imperishable. Columns, towers, fortifications, rows of houses, dwellings and walls make up the matter of untold history of a city's heritage, narrations of past architectural structures that witness lasting changes and returns. She revives, lives through and remolds the complexity of her journeys through time and space, expanding them with new migrations and life adventures. By combining the past and present, she creates her own iconography of the abstract and recognizable, universal and personal."

Marijana Paula Ferenčić, 2016

For more information, view Branka Ridicki's CV.