These works are a kind of introspective diary in which I depict my inner self, thinking about weather elements, wind, rain, clouds... I write down sentences, the poet's thoughts, so that the viewer can experience something from the writings that encouraged me to think more deeply. Through my own need for artistic creation, I want to create an opportunity for communication, but I also express my experience of external perception, emotions and thinking. By treating the surface in multiple layers, the stories are interwoven, of which only the one in the final surface layer is visible, but under that layer there are also other possible stories that exist at the same time and can perhaps be glimpsed while looking at the pictures for a longer period.
By observing light and shadow, the contrast of the green forms of the flora and the blue surfaces of the sea, I explore the correlation of natural forms. Through the multi-layered treatment of the surface, broad strokes of the brush, imprinting of the matrix and letting the paint run and drip, which symbolizes the constant movement in nature, I create multi-layered surfaces that intertwine in abstraction and in the figurative. Through the need for intuitive creation itself, I express the experience of natural forms of water and the vegetation on it, but also my experience of external and internal, perception and emotion.