The goal of the project is to raise awareness of the necessity of harmonizing with natural cycles, reminding us of simple and true values that we, as a modern society, alienated from small essential things and the beauty we are surrounded by, have long forgotten.
When we feel humbled by personal or planetary adversity and when it seems that either personally or as a collective we have reached a wall, it seems to me that ancient myths can outline the path to wisdom and serve as a model of a personal journey where human fallibility can become an opportunity, on on an individual level, to redirect one's destiny, and within the global dimension, the possibility to reset what was a path of destruction. With every small step on the path we take, we can contribute to the development of each of us individually and thus stimulate the harmonization of the collective. Our task is to choose the path we want to take, through self-destruction or self-discovery
With a child's perception of space, I create the immediate spontaneity of landscape and city perspectives. In them, the atmosphere is determined by the symbolism of blue, green, gold or gray colors, and are a reflection of the mutual interpenetration of my internal and external geography.