Mediterranean Diary

While conceiving the Mediterranean Diary exhibition, my guideline was the experience of my numerous relocations (such as my recent move to New Delhi, India), during which I often have to start rebuilding my reality from scratch all over again. It is always a process filled with questioning the past and anticipating what will follow. However, this process of adjustment is made easier for me each time because, every summer, I return to my parents' house on the island of Zverinac, where my family comes from and where we spend our summers together every year.

While developing this idea, I became attracted to the stories about Zverinac that my father, Branko Škifić, has been posting on social media for several years. As in a personal diary, he deals with small things. He tells stories about the people around him, those who are no more, stories about his island, the sea, fish, wine ... family. With these stories, he rescues from oblivion what has already been largely forgotten. These simple and sincere memories of the past and testimonies of the present are about to be published as a book of chronicles entitled "Zverinac Stories" by Branko Škifić.

Furthermore, with these paintings, I want to question the boundaries between the past and the future, and connect the contemporary cultural identity of the Mediterranean with its heritage by questioning space and time.