"Darja Radović Mahečić notes the significance of the blue colour in Branka Ridicki's paintings, describing it as “the blue vault of imagination that symbolizes a journey"."

Iva Koerbler, 2016


In my works I aim to address and question issues like time: the time of life; the sustainability of identity amidst an ever-changing contemporary society. As part of my study of the concept of space, I focus on symbolic elements in my paintings that represent fragments of urban architecture.

I experiment with techniques, I add and subtract acrylic paint with a spatula and, scraping at it, build layers overlapping each other. I transform the structure of the canvas, building solid surfaces like fragments of walls or architectural structures and adding other materials like paper or glass. Through the expressive and creative exploration of the theme of cities, I am focused on telling a story by building forms out of colours and oil pastels.

In recent projects, such as Faces of Town, I use horizontal bands of grey and turquoise or gold and grey to divide the canvas into a landscape. Through a synthesis of architectural typologies, I evoke images from my personal archive, adding streets, squares, passages, houses, palaces, and churches, while the sea and sky are symbolized by the colour blue. I also include language and text in my artworks, employing them as a diaristic and poetic tool. The texts I include are fragments from the poetry of Eugenio Montale. I am drawn to this poet because Montale meticulously observes the little things that surround him, particularly the Mediterranean nature and landscape, while searching for a "word" that can define our existence in the world.

                                                                                                     Branka Ridicki