"The entrance to project/installation/ambiance entitled Viaggio (Travel, Journey) by Branka Ridicki, is paved with large acrylic canvases, painted with vivid earthly colors. Specific signs can be recognized on each canvas, indicating semiotic messages. Chart coordinates’ and other elements, occasionally in relief structure, resemble first maps of the world. Handwritten texts established as central element of the canvases are present in warm tones compositions; just like cartographic information which are - at the same time - an outburst of emotions of a traveller to an alien world. The cartographer, whichever era he belonged to and however his charts really looked like, when observed from the eye-point of semiology, is revealed as a message disseminator endowed with twofold knowledge. First and foremost, he possesses knowledge of the world or a part of the world his map is depicting; and second - he manifests knowledge of signs and code language and rules he applied while drawing his chart. "

Darja Radovič Mahečić PhD, 2010

Installation Viaggio