"Branka Ridicki spent her childhood among Zadar's historic architecture, and the majority of her life travelling across Europe, Africa and Asia; especially Egypt, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, where she resided for many years. The influence of her travels continues to echo throughout her paintings, forever impressed upon by fragments of ancient and historical architecture. Regardless of discrete variations in the treatment of motifs in her paintings, the viewer cannot fail to notice how each fragment of a city, square, space and urban trace reveal not only a study of archaeology and history of art, but also, to a greater extent, the cultural and emotional milieu in which the artist grew up, which she later rediscovered in the context of a multicultural topos."

Iva Koerbler, 2016

"The backbone of professional biography of Branka Ridicki are travels. Sometimes these are travels through time, if required by historical topics, but they are always journeys to the faraway places, rich in culture: mythical cities like New Delhi, Colombo, New York or Cairo. It is human geography. These journeys are simply called moving, transferring, adjustments or experiencing something else and different."

Darja Radovič Mahečić PhD, 2010